MLS Game company was established on 20.07.2022 as a digital game production company in Chernivtsi, Ukraine. The first game of MLS Game is the mobile racing game The Bend. MLS Game can make mobile games, pc games, browser games, various applications, websites etc.

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Mls Game Studio is a game developer company

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The Bend Token


What Is bend token ?

Bend Token is a token on the Avalanche C-Chain network that can be accepted as payment in games offered by MLS Game. Its maximum supply was produced as 300,000 units.  The number of units in circulation is 300.000. Liquidity is also available on Trader Joe.

Trader Joe Pair Wallet= 0xc5eC2A57F60bD8e708AC116b6EB50c5b3a62950F

Token Address = 0x0737ed6c9a41a169c3c0384b16e59a7b9a3b4d22


Avalanche C-Chain

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